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Midwest Water Engineering is an industry leader in the development, deployment, and integration of water treatment technologies as required to meet and exceed the expectations of each customer.  

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Phil Olsen

      Phil is the owner and founder of Midwest Water Engineering, LLC. In addition to MWE, Phil is also the founder of Water Think Tank, LLC and Cartwright, Olsen and Associates, LLC. Through these companies, Phil has provided cutting-edge initiatives supporting business growth, technical development, and regulatory compliance, including new product development and performance verification, market research/analyses, and strategic planning for water treatment equipment OEM’s, state and federal regulatory agencies, and industrial manufacturers. A partial list of prior clients includes CARLSBERG BREWERY, COCA-COLA, GENERAL ELECTRIC, JOHN DEERE, KONICA CORPORATION, MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PENTAIR CORPORATION, and the UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY.
      Phil’s most recent passion has been investigating Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) which includes serving and an expert advisor to NSF International for the development of testing parameters and treatment technologies for water. He also served as a principal investigator to the Minnesota State Legislator/Department of Health in conducting the first study evaluating the efficacy of point-of-use water treatment devices to remove PFAS. It is with this experience; Phil has become a leading expert in the field of PFAS detection and removal. 
      In addition, Phil was a Founding Member of the Technical Review Committee for Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine, Founding Chairman of the Minnesota Water Conditioning Advisory Council, and prior president of American Ozone Technology. Phil also served as an expert advisor to the USEPA in numerous topical areas including the creation of the Groundwater Disinfection Rule. 
       It is with the detailed and broad experience; Phil provides an all-encompassing approach in addressing your water treatment needs. With his 40 plus years of experience, there few water quality issues he has not seen and resolved. 

Elliott Olsen
-Director of Operations

     Elliott has lived in the water treatment world since he was a child. He has been working with his father since the Summer of 2004 when assisting him with the design and construction of prototypes, test stations in support research initiatives and commercial installations. 

    Elliott brings a well-rounded approach to Midwest Water Engineering. He took a hiatus from the family business while he attended college, receiving his undergraduate degree in Biology at St. John’s University and then continued on to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Jamestown. After practicing as a physical therapist for 4 years, he has returned to Midwest Water Engineering.

     With his background in managing a large physical therapy practice, he now serves as the Director of Operations at Midwest Water Engineering. 

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